Facilities in Tooling Department

“If you want to manufacture well, you should sharpen your tool first”, our company has purchased advanced program-control facilities and equipped perfect CAD/CAM system, which enable us to manufacture arround 50 molds per month.

high speed CNC from German
manufacture center

Wellcut has perfect system on mold design and manufacture and adopts advanced design software. The use of CAD/CAM/CAE technology on product and mold design and manufacture enables us to provide our clients quality service.

fanuc manufacture center
Japanese brand manufacture center
Japanese brand Y-cut machine

Advanced manufacture technic and strict inspection system.main manufacture facilities:numerical control manucature center; numerical EDM; Y-CU; precision machines on milling, grinding,drilling and ect.

facilities in injection department

precision mold with small screw
a corner of injection department
injection machine(tonage:500 ton)

main facility list

facility list
name quality origine place note
A、CNC 6 Taiwan  
B、high speed CNC 1 German  
C、CNC 11 Taiwan  
D、EDM for mirror surface 1 Switzerland  
E、milling machine 11 Taiwan  
F、Y-cut 3 Taizhou  
G、projectition 1 German  
H、projectition 1 German  
I、big grinding machine 2 Taiwan  
J、grinding machine 6 Taiwan  
K、drilling machine 2 Taiwan  
L、lathe 2 Taiwan  
M、injection machine 10 Taiwan  

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