1、What’s the scale for the biggest molds can be manufactured in your factory?

        We can manufacture the mold for the parts at the length of 1.2m and the the core and cavity wighted 10 tons.

2、Can you manufacture hot runner molds?

         Yea, we have manufactured molds with hot runners of the following brands, mold master,DME, Hasco, Yudo, Husky and ect.

3、What kind of file format can be accepted by you?

        IGES, DXF, DWG, STP, PRT,x_t and ect.

4、What kind of steel do you often use to manufacture molds?

        The material we use is NAK 80 from Japan, ORVAR SUPREME 8407, STAVAX S136, CALMAX 635, IMPAX 718H) from Switzerland, LMK’s 738H , 2083, 2344 and ect.

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