On production management, we adopt project management model. And all projects are efficiently managed and followed up by engineers, so all projects are arranged reasonable, finished in short time with low cost and resource-efficient.

management procedure on mold project:

1.list the information on clients 2.establish project memo 3. designing meeting 4.send the drawing to clients for approval 5. production meeting 6. follow up the the production 7. send clients weekly reports and pictures 8. mold trial and sample delivery

plastic project:

1. list the information on clients 2.establish project memo 3. compose operation manual 4.production meeting 5.production following up 6.delivery

In order to provide quality products and manufacture each mold with short lead time, we appoint an egineer to follow up each mold. And clients can contact them via phonecall or e-mails to know the deatial on the molds.

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